Looking For Sahara Desert Trips – Morocco Tours & Excursions ?

Look no further! Morocco Tours Agency is an independent and local Morocco Tours company, –it is Your gate to discover Morocco !– we arrange Morocco Sahara Desert Trips & affordable Morocco tours with camel treks in Erg Chebbi dunesMerzouga – through Atlas mountains, valleys, and its majestic urban communities. Starting from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca or Tangier. Spending one night to three nights in the desert campsite set in the vast Sahara. Take day 4×4 excursions to visit Khamlia village and meet nomad people. Do sand-boarding activity on the sea sand. Use Quad biking (ATV) or Buggy Driving in Merzouga Sand Dunes, this is the most ideal idea to discover dunes area and Morocco. Our Morocco tour packages are private and shared tours.
Note : Our tour packages are available to all categories from friends, Students, families to small groups and large ones.

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Camel trekking in Erg Chebbi dunes

Camel ttrek in Merzouga Sahara

Morocco is a country located in North Africa, a tourist country par excellence. In this unique country there is harmony between its various components, from cultures, customs and traditions to languages. This country is increasing its visitors year after year. Where there are so many cities and places that are really worth visiting and having fun. To travel between all these historic cities and monuments and do all the activities and exploitation of your trip time here we offer our Morocco tours provided by specialists in the field of tourism. Our Morocco tours are based on linking between different cities with doing various and most important activities such as riding camels in the desert and spend quality time with the Bedouins, do Quad biking & buggy driving in Merzouga Sahara desert, Erg Chebbi dunes, Sandboarding activity and 4×4 adventure tours. Below you will find the must popular Morocco Tours, desert activities and Merzouga camel trekking excursions spend nights comping in vast Morocco sahara desert under shining stars… Please for more details about a Tour or an Activity click on it. Thank you!

Morocco Camel Trekking in Merzouga

Merzouga Desert Activities

Morocco Tours

Desert Tours from Marrakech

2 Days Tour Marrakech to Zagora desert2 Days Trip Marrakech to Merzouga Sahara
3 Day desert Tour Marrakech to Fes3 Day tour Marrakech to Merzouga desert & Back
4 Day desert tour Marrakech to Fes4 Days tour Marrakech to Merzouga desert & back
5 Day tour from Marrakech to Sahara6 Days trip from Marrakech to Merzouga & Fes
7 Day trip Marrakech to Merzouga Sahara8 Days Desert tour starting from Marrakech
10 Day itinerary from Marrakech12 Day gran Morocco from Marrakech
14 Day gran Morocco tour from Marrakech

Tours from Fes

2 Day Tour Fes to Merzouga desert & back3 Day desert tour Fes to Marrakech
3 Day tour Fes to Merzouga desert & Back4 Day tour Fes to Marrakech via Desert
4 Days desert trip Fes to Merzouga & back5 Days tour from Fes to Marrakech
6 Days trip from Fes to Sahara & Marrakech8 Day tour Fes to Marrakech & Erg Chebbi dunes
10 Day trip Fes to imperial cities & Sahara1 Day Trip from Fes to Chefchaouen & back

Desert Tours from Casablanca

4 Days desert Tour Casablanca to Marrakech6 Day trip Casablanca to Marrakech & Sahara
7 Day itinerary from Casablanca8 Day trip Casablanca to Sahara & Fes
10 Days tour from Casablanca to imperial cities & desert12 Day sahara tour Casablanca to North & Merzouga
15 Day gran Morocco tour from Casablanca

Desert Tours from Tangier

4 Days tour Tangier to Marrakech via desert6 Day desert trip Tangier to Marrakech
7 Days itinerary from Tangier to South8 Day trip Tangier to imperial cities and Desert
10 Days tour Tangier to Fes & Marrakech12 Day trip Tangier to North & South
15 Days gran tour from Tnagier

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